Gabe and keegan are great guys helped me get everything I needed and had super fast shipping for things I ordered online, they even have body armor at great prices, it’s truly like the apple store of gun shops, everything you can lay your hands on and don’t have to ask them to take it out of a glass case.

Cowboy Flash

First time shopper today and this place is a hidden gem! Great brands in stock such as EOTECH, Cloud Defensive, Daniel Defense, Trijicon, Sig, Holosun, etc… Staff is awesome to work with and will definitely be my new go to!

Chris Reifenberger

Central Iowa has been desperate for a store that supports the complete package, not just firearms and ammo. In the last ten years the civilian market has become much more savvy in its understanding the need for medical supplies, plate carriers, NVG’s, etc; they’re looking for actual fighting equipment. But the industry hasn’t changed its model. Stores just load up on guns and ammo and range gear. If you wanted to purchase actual fighting gear, until Black Flag Arsenal came to town, you had to get online and pray you didn’t get taken.

Brian Griffith

The Shop