Black Flag Arsenals First Ever Raffle

attention night dwellers everywhere. We are offering our first ever raffle for goons like us and we thought we would start it off with a BANG

Whats up for grabs?

Only the best thermal monocular on the market!

IRays flag ship thermal monocular the MH25, is a 640 res 12 micron thermal monocular that can be ran as a standalone unit or paired with a pvs14 to create a fusion like experience. this thermal monocular makes identifying objects in cover a DREAM! With 4 color pallets the MH25 makes even the hardest to see targets shine bright like the sun. 

The RH25 can be ran as a handheld unit or helmet mounted via a dovetail mount (sold seperatly).

LONG STORY SHORT… it is a real life super power!

How do I win?

Step 1: Buy a raffle ticket

Step 2: follow our social media (instagram, facebook, and/or telegram) for updates and prize announcements!

Step 3: Cross your fingers the odds are good!

What are my odds?

This isn’t the lottery, your odds are HIGH!

We are only selling a limited number of raffle tickets! they will go fast which makes your odds of coming home with a new thermal as high as they have ever been!